Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blind Spot & Downfall - The story of Hitler's secretary

Two recent german movies capture the story of Hitler's secretary, who was inside the Fuehrer-bunker with Adolf Hitler in the last days of him and the Third Reich. The first one is a documentary, cut together from interviews with Traudl Jung ("Blind Spot - Hitler's secretary", 2003), the second one is a drama based on above mentioned interviews ("Downfall", 2004).
As a German I have seen a lot about the Third Reich. The best of those exhibits do not teach us only about history itself, but beyond that allow us to get a glimpse of war, politics, propaganda and human nature. In my opinion, these are the lessons that are the most important to learn. Both these movies have this capacity. If you plan on watching both of them, I'd recommend Downfall, then Blind Spot. I think otherwise, I would have percieved it anticlimatic.

Both movies are currently in the bittorrent network:
Blind Spot (torrentspy)
Downfall (torrentspy)


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