Saturday, April 30, 2005

Selected Truth from the Intarweb

Pedophiles are evil
topix-worthy! Dennis from the collaborative blog techdirt knows to report: "Pedophiles are evil people whether online or offline. Let's not blame blogging for that."
And recent research shows, that indeed - he is absolutely right:
"Tough times for developmental psychologists! Scientists have discovered the gene responsible for both inherit mischief and pedophilia. The scientific essay not only shows that over 80 percent of 'suspicious looking townfolk' had the genetic pattern, but also uncovers striking similarities between the DNA samples recovered from Adolf Hitler's favorite tooth brush and the 'gooey' remains of islamist suicide bombers."

relativistic Dark Age ahead
Many a feed has reflected some of the unfailable words of God's new best-housed servant, Pope Benedict the Current.
"We are moving towards a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one's own ego and one's own desires."
Experts attest "outerworldly" brilliance, and already speak about the possible social and scientific impact of the so-called Quid-quo-pro methology. Talking with the theologist responsible for aligning the Pope's holy slippers, he explains the reasoning behind the theory: "Well, when it comes to Dark Ages, it's just kinda their turn!"

Technology working towards curing communication
"Basically, we all agree."
These are the words of Sally Brown, the author of a blog covering politics and social issues. She explains the benefit of recent anti-spam technology for blogs: "Back when blogging started off, you could already limit yourself to the blogs of reasonable people, but there'd still be some people writing responses from an opposing point of view. By the time you came around to delete them, there would already be a discussion going on." Andrew Haralds from shares his perspective on the issue: "We noticed, that our customers didn't really enjoy divergent opinions." Sally is emphatic about the future of journalism: "In the MSM you have the choice between FOX and CBS, but there's still a lot of actual controversy. With the rise of democratic media, with everybody being cool and civilized, news is almost more fun than actual video gaming."

out: Postmodernism | in: Network Society
As Samuel R. Smith knows to report, Postmodernism - a branch of thought so utterly awesome you cannot really say what it's about - is over and done with. After the intellectuals deconstructed things like the worker's identification with his company, more than globalization and mass unemployment ever could, the public is paved for the emergence of a new era: the Network Society. Basically, people are more connected now... First empiric research amongst female social-sciences-freshmen has shown, that "it's pretty damn attractive".


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