Monday, May 02, 2005

Donating her clothes off - new business model from germany

American readers might not even be aware of this, but in germany, currently the state pays your college/university education. However, due to the fact that the money is lacking, the politicians now try to slaughter one golden cow of the social-security-indulgent 70s after the other.

Which piggy will squeal the hardest and survive until Armageddon? One sure way to get attention in times of - well, anything really - is to show off your boobies. There have already been calendars of naked sport students, sold to pay for the student fees, and students demonstrating naked.

"Tina" calculated she'll need about 100.000 euros for her education, and is willing to get naked for it (it's not yet exactly specified how deep we'll be able to see into her vagina, though). Asking for donations, she promises to offer the first revealing photographs at 2000 euro. Hoax or not? The sense of purpose or fantasy worth the additional effort and money in comparison to, lets say, a porn site? Your call! Her meme is "Rather naked than stupid" and you can join the fun at

source: telepolis


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