Saturday, May 14, 2005

Thoughts on "Do the evolution"

"Do the evolution" is a song by Pearl Jam [lyrics]

I've had this song in my mind and on my harddisk for quite a while. There's little interpretation necessary, because the message is quite clear - a good sign in my opinion, and a sign that the artist wanted make sure to be understood.

So instead I'm gonna describe the context I personally put this song into. It argues against "evolution" and in old-school pedagogics it tells us to "do" the abominable, when it thinks we shouldn't.
But seen from my cybernetic worldview, it's not at all an argument against *all* evolution - it's expression of the cultural evolution battling the biological one. Evolution is the only source of all value judgement. Devalueing all evolution would be effective nihilism - and quite probably is neither possible or attractive.

Is the battle for brain time (attention) any less ruthless and brutal with ideas than biological evolution is with life? Purposefully misinterpreting the song, one might consider "it's the right behaviour" as a painful surrender to the inevitable, beyond which there is no measure to value the alternatives.


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