Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What I'm sick of in the blogosphere

  • I'm sick of Christian digital hobby-missionaries, who - in the style of their discipline - go from emotion to rationalization, outdoing each other in how many faults of logic you can put into a single blog entry. I'm sick of anti-Christians, who seem to believe that repeating "There is no God" often enough will convince anyone, and whose phrases I heard even more often than the most common religious rationalizations.
  • I'm sick of Democrats and I'm sick of Republicans, who bash each other for centuries, without ever having any progress in their discourse - that are so busy regurgiating replaceable information, that they don't ever have the time to contemplate what they're doing.
  • I'm sick of personal blogs, which replace original thought with repeating the same lame stereotypes I can see in every second US tv-show, just not as fast or entertaining.
  • I'm sick of the fact, that when I look for people with similiar interests and favorites on blogger.com, 90% of the so-called active blogs are abandoned and none of them are interesting to me.
  • I'm sick of how in blogging, valuable communication gets lost. Even moderately popular blogs, outside of the "personal" domain, rarely ever have responses. There's just not the possibility to distinguish the readers that stopped reading after the first paragraph, because they thought it was stupid, and those that liked it but didn't have anything to add. On the other hand, soon after a blog gets popular enough to encourage responses, the authors disable responses to shield themselves against all the bullshit. Short: Blogs don't have rating systems. Or, on second thought, perhaps it's just me not making short replies in blogs that usually don't get any ...
  • I'm sick of how blogs are hyped in a manner that filters out almost any constructive criticism of how blogs can actually get what they claim/want to be.
  • Finally, I'm sick of the fact that I try to connect with the blogosphere for over a week now and still had virtually no success. Even the few blog that I find interesting (like the "Pirate's Blog" linked to the right), don't seem to like themselves for the same reasons I do, and in turn link to the same old propaganda cheese.

A small blog entry for a human, a big step in proving once and for all, that there are relation styles so dysfunctional, that they are completely immune to any innovation in communcation technology.


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