Wednesday, May 18, 2005

wondir - Supermen in philosophy and marriage

Wondir is a website on which people can ask questions and get them answered by the community. I like it, because trying to answer questions both keeps my brain greasy and makes me realize the boundaries of my knowledge. Unfortunately in its current design, intelligent comments (read: mine ;D) get washed away by an abundance of bullshit. So, why not give somebody other than me a chance of rubbing him/herself on my wisdom. I'm gonna post interesting questions and answers I find on Wondir. Here it goes:

How would the existence of superheros (or superhumans) affect religion and philosophy today?

Hard to say. I can think of 2 probable solutions: (1) Humans are humans, independently of the talents, and have the same rights and duties (2) Superhumans are human as well as some kind of natural force or cultural construct. Are as such, at the same time subordinate to human rights, as they are over and beyond them. How many lifes is freedom worth, or scientific truth, or the discovery of artificial intelligence, or the preservation of the niagara falls? Probably as many, as can be motivated to be given in their protection.

going out with a great guy but found out he had horrible past relationshsips. For example, I thought he was a strong person but he allowed this ugly, older woman to emotionally manipulate him into paying off her debt of quite a lotta money. I cannot forgive him for this kind of weakness cos I hate weak men. Maybe i don't love him as much as i think if i can't forgive him for his past mistakes. Do you think my behavior is irrational?

Well, it's rational to want a strong man. Both for genes and educating children for the vile world we live in. I think however, that it makes sense to give him the chance to change, if otherwise he is what you want. The fact that you thought he was strong probably means he wants to be. Support and challenge him in this quest, and see if he succeeds. Oftentimes it's better to have had a weakness and have overcome it. For example, people who learned a language as a secondary language make better teachers.

I mean: in the end, it means his other qualities made up for his weaknesses up to where he is now. If you punish every weakness that surfaces in your relationship, you're going for an atmosphere, in which every family member has to cope with his/her own problems. What kind of family is that? As has been mentioned above, nobody is perfect


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